Our Work


With just four weeks before limited release in the US by Entertainment Studios, Rogers & Cowan was retained to head the digital marketing campaign for Hostiles, an American Western film written and directed by Scott Cooper, starring Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike, and Wes Studi. We had limited to no access to talent for original content or publicity, and a film with a difficult subject matter in an often-arcane genre. All of which meant we had to come up with new, creative, and innovative tactics to meet our goals.


Using Rogers & Cowan’s proprietary ad tech and expertise in social media, we designed a testimonial-driven campaign that emphasized the film’s power and gripping performances. We performed a deep audience segmentation to identify our most likely audience goers, with advanced and customized creative served to individuals on a mass, scalable level.  Our creative found our audiences where and how they lived their lives, and with the messages most likely to make them buy tickets.


We implemented digital media buy across all areas including direct-from-outlet purchases as well as our own proprietary ad tech eliminating click farms, fraud, and ad stacking thus generating and calculating engagement from real and active users. We matched this against customized creative assets to utilize on an on-going basis, throughout the term of the campaign. Sample Data-driven creative included themes such as survival, high art and Indie, and western and nostalgia.


Our ad tech and messaging was able to deliver $3.67 in value for every $1 spent, and a 78% trailer completion rate - more than double industry averages. With the help of our digital marketing team, Hostiles, from independent distributor Entertainment Studios, opened to double industry box office projections and became the talk of a the town.