Our Work


Moviebill is the first-ever augmented reality (AR) offering for movies, a handheld “playbill”-like booklet that brings every movie to life. An app available for every smartphone, Moviebill allows you to take the entertainment in the theaters home with you in your pocket. Rogers & Cowan Digital worked with Moviebill to create every aspect of the company and product branding, including the logo, tagline, imagery and artwork, and the basic creative concepts behind the commercials all the way through the commercials’ production.


AR might be everywhere, but most consumers still don’t know what it is or how to use it.  Our strategy had to be to show, not tell, and immerse consumers in the product without them even knowing it. Then, strategy in hand, the question became how we did that: with a ground-breaking commercial debuting in theaters nationwide; with content and exclusives consumers were dying to see; and nimble social and digital tactics that drove conversation, along with key support from Regal Theaters and partner movies.


We had to create a central brand, and then iterate it in a million different ways. First, we started with an innovative commercial experience to complement the product and educate and excite consumers. In doing so, we astutely formulated ways to incorporate CGI deliverables directly related to the type of exclusive content offered through Moviebill in our brand marketing. We paired that commercial with in-app marketing, emails, social media, and in theater materials that focused on the consumer experience instead of the tech.  We invited consumers into our brand as an enhanced moviegoing experience instead of an outside advertising force.


Moviebill launched as the single most successful AR launch in Hollywood – and continues to captivate moviegoers. With its first rollout at the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War on April 27th, Moviebill set a new standard for a night out at the movies. Rogers & Cowan Digital masterminded a direct link between the Regal App and moviegoers so that this amazing experience doesn’t end when the credits roll.