Funimation: Shin Godzilla

Gold for Best Use of the Internet

Rogers & Cowan recently developed and executed a publicity campaign to support the the official film premiere at 2016 New York Comic Con  and the national theatrical release of ‘Shin Godzilla’.

New York Comic Con

Prior to the Comic Con premiere event, we executed a robust and targeted screener outreach and reviewer program and were able to drive online critic reviews and Rotten Tomatoes scores, push advanced ticket sales and create general widespread awareness for the film. During Comic Con, we targeted celebrities already attending the event and were able to enlist their support of the film premiere through organic appearances with no associated fee,  including the cast of the Netflix Original Series Stranger Things and cast members of Game of Thrones among others.  As a result, we supported news announcements with critical acclaim gathered from review outreach and utilized box office numbers to demonstrate film success and excitement with consumer media.

National Theatrical Release

Focusing on the pedigree of film creators and cast, we selected top clips and film stills and offered exclusivity to top-tier online film, entertainment and consumer media.   As a result, we were able to secure feature stories, drive anticipation, buzz and ultimately tune-in and advanced ticket purchases.

The team secured online verticals of national film, consumer and entertainment press to post exclusive assets, driving overall awareness and plugging key campaign messaging throughout their coverage resulting in almost one billion roaring media impressions.

Funimation Shin Godzilla