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Engaging Consumers Through Their Passions

Mommy bloggers. Millennials. Book Lovers. Fashionistas. Cycling Enthusiasts. The consumer marketing space is getting increasingly fragmented and hyper-niche as a result of the vast amount of products and services available in the marketplace and the tremendous growth of the internet and social media channels. Therefore, the ability to find, connect and engage with more than one consumer segment whether it is niche audiences or the broader mass market consumer audience is more important that ever. At Rogers & Cowan, our teams draw upon their knowledge, expertise and creativity to develop strategic marketing communications campaigns that go beyond demographics and tap into consumer passions. We create and deliver the right messages to the right audiences utilizing traditional and social media platforms that build brand awareness, reinforce brand loyalty and motivate consumer purchases.

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Public Relations FOR THE BOOK – not by the Book.

At Rogers & Cowan, we know that making sure books and their authors are hot commodities is a key part of their long term success. That’s why by combining our author-as-celebrity approach with our industry-leading entertainment media networks, we can tailor our publishing publicity approach to the consumers who can turn literary success into best-sellers. Our star studded literary roster is a testament to our success.

Our expertise also translates into magazine publishing, where our roster of mass and niche circulation household name magazines rely on us for positioning, branding, and event management in one of the most competitive media marketplaces in the world. We specialize in differentiating our clients from competing brands because we know that the public profile of a magazine is all about how it’s perceived, not just by its readers – but by its contributors and cover subjects.

Often beholden to tradition, publishing is entering the world of media immediacy, and it’s a world we know very well. Our highly experienced teams cross the divide between the traditional hard cover and paper back media world and new digital and downloadable content to bring our clients strategies to reach consumers of both mediums.  We strive to connect our clients to new market vistas with customized and integrated campaigns that speak to every level of the audience that matters – no matter how targeted -- and everywhere that matters.

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