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The best technology KEEPS IT SIMPLE – so does the Best PR.

Rogers & Cowan was the first entertainment marketing agency to invest in and build a dedicated and highly-specialized team focused on meeting the marketing and communications needs of companies doing business at the intersection of entertainment, technology and consumer marketing.  In this increasingly competitive marketplace where the consumer is bombarded with choice, our team defines and differentiates client content, products and services, making it easier for consumers to recognize that your brand builds quality products or services at the right price. In addition to B2C media outreach, we develop and execute B2B strategies to introduce our client’s products and services to key decision-makers in the entertainment community and secure the trade press necessary to build brand awareness among potential customers. From concept creation to consumer launch to sustaining critical mass and momentum, we strive to exceed our clients’ objectives to maximize media exposure, build brand awareness, and position corporate executives with their target audiences.

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Where Health, Beauty and Technology Collide, We Bring Your Product to the Right Consumer

Each year consumers are spending increasing amounts of money on health, beauty and wellness products in an attempt to stay younger and healthier through the stages of their life. Many products come with complex science and research based findings that can be complicated to explain to consumers and the media.

At Rogers & Cowan, we have a team of professionals that understands how to communicate technical, science-based product attributes in simple and plain language so consumers will clearly understand the benefits to their lifestyle. Our team recognizes that these specialized products require a communications strategy that is highly targeted in its approach to reaching the right consumer. We establish relationships with health and beauty editors, obtain support from physicians, provide recommendations for product spokespeople and clinical trials and generate widespread media coverage that highlights the benefits of your product.

Whether your product is a cosmeceutical, nutritional drink or supplement, we will create a traditional and social media strategy dedicated to building brand awareness and establishing your product as the leader in its category. What’s our secret to a long and healthy life? Establishing a result-driven relationship with our clients.

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