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The best technology KEEPS IT SIMPLE – so does the Best PR.

Rogers & Cowan was the first entertainment marketing agency to invest in and build a dedicated and highly-specialized team focused on meeting the marketing and communications needs of companies doing business at the intersection of entertainment, technology and consumer marketing.  In this increasingly competitive marketplace where the consumer is bombarded with choice, our team defines and differentiates client content, products and services, making it easier for consumers to recognize that your brand builds quality products or services at the right price. In addition to B2C media outreach, we develop and execute B2B strategies to introduce our client’s products and services to key decision-makers in the entertainment community and secure the trade press necessary to build brand awareness among potential customers. From concept creation to consumer launch to sustaining critical mass and momentum, we strive to exceed our clients’ objectives to maximize media exposure, build brand awareness, and position corporate executives with their target audiences.

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Technology is Constantly Revolutionizing the Entertainment Experience, We Revolutionize the Way Consumers Hear and Engage

Technology is our obsession. These days, it’s not just television, music, movies and its impact on our lifestyle that command attention; it’s the smart appliances, portable entertainment devices and core technologies that deliver them.

Our dedicated and highly experienced team has the in-depth intelligence on embedded and core technologies, consumer and mobile devices, video game platforms and content, and distribution platforms and software to help our clients strategically introduce their products and services to the trade, business and ultimate end-user customers, not just for a single campaign, but for the long term.

We create and manage innovative client campaigns with worldwide reach, focusing on each phase of the campaign from start-up to product launch to critical mass, and beyond.  And working side by side with your marketing and sales teams, we can drive awareness and branding that opens doors and helps to close deals. Our client roster includes many of the most influential name-brand technology innovators in the world, in both B2B and consumer areas.

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