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Telling the Stories of Today’s Storytellers

The “Art of Storytelling” is the fundamental DNA of the entertainment content developers who produce the most powerful vehicles to not only entertain people across the globe – but to tell compelling stories that change perceptions and motivate people to action. At Rogers & Cowan, we provide clients with the leading knowledge brokers in the fields of film, tv, gaming, music and digital content marketing. Our focus continues to be the development and execution of strategic traditional and social media relations campaigns. Our goal for established and emerging talent and brands in the entertainment industry is to tell their personal stories, promote their newest projects, build or enhance their brand image, drive traffic to their content and connect with their fan base. Large or small, niche or mainstream, our team has the creativity and connections to architect integrated media, promotional and content marketing campaigns to support clients across the entire entertainment landscape.

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We promote movies and television as MUST SEE ENTERTAINMENT

Publicity and social media are the lifeblood of the television and movie business as the success or failure of any theatrical, DVD, network or series launch depends on its depth of consumer awareness and engagement. From our offices in the U.S. and London, Rogers & Cowan's Television and Film teams are the most connected, knowledgeable and experienced.

We create cutting-edge integrated marketing and public relations campaigns to launch new TV networks and international film releases, promote new and established TV programming, enhance a client's corporate image in the entertainment community, manage client presence at top festivals and markets and focus on award campaigns to build prestige. Our publicity team has the credentials, the flexibility and the proven connections to create innovative and effective profile-driven campaigns for all our clients.

Our domestic and international publicity teams tailor launch, release, festival and award campaigns for independent TV and film production companies, major film studios and cable and network TV brands.  Creating the right image and industry profile for producers worldwide, while supporting sales at key film and television markets, is also one of our specialties.

As television and film content increasingly moves to digital and mobile platforms, our teams are at the forefront of marketing entertainment content through social media strategies that communicate directly with the fan, engage them in the conversation and build a community of passionate social brand advocates.  

And if you are trying to reach the african-american, family and faith-based audiences, we can assist you with campaigns to reach these communities as well.  Our teams specialize in developing targeted campaigns for studios and networks to reach these influential, loyal audiences who are core to the success of blockbuster and independent films, television programming and web-based content.  

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