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The difference between CREATING AWARENESS and CHANGING the way people think.

Rogers & Cowan proudly has a culture that fosters and supports the entrepreneurial spirit in our staff. Our members have an industry-wide reputation for innovation, imagination and success. The result is an agency that prides itself on the many “FIRSTS” it has achieved. The first PR agency to align brands with entertainment by integrating their branded products and services inside the powerful stories on the small and large screens. The first to get brands into the hands of celebrities and develop celebrity influencer and brand ambassador campaigns. The first to provide iconic technology brands converging at the intersection of entertainment, technology and consumer marketing with strategic B2B and B2C communication platforms. The first to introduce a specialized fashion offering that pairs brands with celebrities for the red carpet through our Film Fashion unit. The first to create a social media group within an entertainment marketing agency and utilize a proprietary platform to navigate entertainment and consumer clients through the constantly changing digital landscape with innovative counsel and measurable tactics. The first PR agency to launch an Intellectual Property group to work directly with brands and talent to produce branded IP and implement entertainment platforms that clients can own and activate. We bring this same level of innovation and passion to meet our client’s campaign objectives, as evidenced by the many awards we have received from the leading advertising and PR industry organizations.

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