Our Services

Brand PR & Marketing

As technology and media converge, and people are more connected than ever, consumers have become stakeholders in brand messaging. This shift to empowerment means that brands must interact with their audiences in new ways in order to remain relevant. As one of the top PR branding agencies, we believe that every engagement is an opportunity to expand on positive brand experiences that keep consumers engaged in their journey to loyalty.

We listen closely to our client’s needs in order to create a wide-reaching and effective brand marketing PR strategy. Listening is part of what makes our brand marketing public relations agency so successful.


At the beginning of our work with a new client, we hold a Brand Summit to align internal staff, appropriate communications partners and the Rogers & Cowan PR brand strategy team. Then we develop public relations branding strategies and campaigns designed to tell your unique brand story in a way that is culturally relevant and aligns your brand and your consumer with popular culture and the media.

Product Launches

With every new product launch, our goals are to drive awareness, advocacy and adoption. We start by establishing a strong and credible foundation for a product and, generating positive news coverage. We leverage both traditional media and, the power and reach of social platforms and online influencers to drive adoption of new products. Our expertise is in infiltrating popular culture with tailored activations that shine a bright light on new products, create buzz, word-of-mouth and relevance.

Influencer Engagement

Research shows that word of mouth plays a tremendous role in consumer purchase decisions so it comes as no surprise that influencer PR marketing is on the rise. As a top influencer marketing agency, Rogers & Cowan we have access to over 25,000 influencers and understand the value of matchmaking a brand with the right influencer. Once a deal is negotiated we work with brands and influencers to provide creative direction that results in messaging that is organic to the brand and the influencer. And, we establish program KPIs early on and evaluate and analyze program results to ensure influencer engagement goals were met.

Executive Visibility

Thought leadership taps into the talent, experience and passions of an individual to build expertise and recognition. From hosting events and taking advantage of speaking opportunities to original research and corporate social responsibility activities, Rogers & Cowan ensures the success of its clients by sustaining engagement over time and maximizing moments in the media and on social.

Celebrity Seeding

Celebrity seeding and influencer engagement can be very powerful marketing tactics when properly executed. A product placed in the hands of a celebrity, or a single influencer tweet can send a brand into overdrive. We specialize in celebrity seeding product placement or selectively pairing celebrities and influencers with client products. We represent A-list talent, maintain long standing relationships with celebrity talent reps, and cultivate relationships with top influencers and content curators in pop culture, fashion, music, art and entertainment.

Crisis Management

In an increasingly complex media environment where the influence of social and activist sites cause twenty-eight percent of crises to spread internationally within one hour, corporations must proactively manage relationships and mitigate reputational risks quickly and effectively. At Rogers & Cowan, our strength lies in the ability to help our clients effectively manage crises with local officials, and proactively build and deploy a global crisis communications strategy in real time. Crises are not static. Our Crisis Communications team is connected 24/7 and knows that the importance of managing a crisis well can mean the difference between sustaining or avoiding long term reputational damage.

Trade Shows

Our team helps you market your business at trade shows and maximize your return on investment. First we identify our client’s goals at a tradeshow and then we work to develop strategies and tactics to accomplish them. If you’re looking to become a thought leader in your industry, amplify your company’s presence at tradeshows by securing speaking engagements or a seat on a panel, our team can help. Additionally, we maximize our clients’ exposure by leveraging the media at the conference and using social media to raise our clients’ profiles and gain new followers.


We bring sponsorships to life by creating branded content and experiences that build deeper connections with audiences. We work with some of the world’s leading brands, rights holders and media companies and offer a full spectrum of sponsorship services from concept development to negotiation, activation and sponsorship sales. The result is impactful sponsorships that engage audiences, deliver impact, value and a solid return on investment.

Social Media

Social media has revolutionized public relations and moved brands to a dialogue in which consumer stakeholders, and not just the companies, have power over the message. A successful social media strategy must deliver more than likes and followers it must deliver on brand promise. At Rogers & Cowan, we customize the brand story to fit the format and identify powerful influencers by impact, followers and volume of posts and leverage these influencers to maximize the moment. We follow this up with content audience matching, cross platform access, and geo-fencing and hyper-targeting to interconnect consumers in the physical and digital worlds. The result is action based measurement from increased audience generation to user acquisition and downloads.

Media Intelligence

Stories that may impact your organization are being authored every day in social media and news articles. Through our wide-ranging media intelligence capabilities, we gather and analyze data available through social media and news media outlets. We have real-time access to millions of social media conversations and news articles and can monitor specific topics, brands or issues. Media monitoring allows us to develop more effective campaign strategies and allows our clients to make more informed business decisions.

Media Relations

Rogers & Cowan knows the importance of adapting its storytelling approach to ensure content works across all media types: owned, earned and paid for both traditional outlets and social platforms. And, as the media landscape continues to change and video and multi-media formats become increasingly prevalent, our clients rely on our teams to think beyond traditional communications to content creation that’s hyper-targeted, searchable, engaging and shareable. Through, our advanced geo-fencing capabilities,
we make sure our clients’ messaging interconnects with
consumers offline and online and reaches them where they live – at music concerts, at trade shows or in movie theaters.